Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Photo from above after roof structure removed

If This Happens To Your Home You Will Need Our Help

This home in Lincoln County experienced a fire that badly damaged the roof structure. We completely removed the damaged roof structure and a portion of the rear wall that was damaged. The home was completely exposed to the weather for a few weeks so all contents were moved out to our facility for cleaning and storage. All finish materials were removed so all that was left when we started to do the reconstruction was the framing members. All the windows and doors were replaced. This fire occurred at the end of December and the customer was able to move back in the following May. See the customer Testimonial

Fire Damaged Bedroom

You Need SERVPRO if This Happens

This fire was caused by a candle that was burning in a bedroom and left unattended for a short time. As you can see major damage was done. Never leave burning candles unattended.

Floor drying system in place

Hardwood Floor Drying

We use specialized equipment to dry hardwood flooring. This equipment utilizes the dry air being produced by the dehumidifier and a system of hoses and mats that draw the air up through the wood floor through the joints between the pieces of wood pulling any water and water trapped within the wood out. 

Sewage on basement floor

You don't want to clean this up.

This home in Troy had sewage fully affecting the basement that was 75% finished. We removed the affected materials per the IICRC S500 water standard for category 3 water damage. Cleaned and sanitized the floor and stracture and completed drying.

Room with heavy soot damage

Soot damage in Troy

This home had a relatively small fire. The damage from the actual fire was very limited and no structural damage was done. You can see from this photo that the soot was very heavy. We did have to preform a limited amount of demolition in the basement to finish material such as flooring and drywall. If you experience this type of damage in your home we can help you get everything put back together.

Mud on floor

Creek behind house makes unwelcomed entry

The creek behind this home made an unwelcome visit during a heavy rain in Troy and left this mess behind. This homeowner called SERVPRO of Lincoln & Warren Counties for help.