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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Smoke Damage To Leather Arm Chair

This arm chair was damaged in a fire. The chair was made of leather which is quite a porous material that is not ideal for getting harsh smells such as smoke ou... READ MORE

Flooding in Hermann

Hermann is one of the best Missouri Vacation spots this state has to offer. Hermann was built right on the river which causes heaving flooding quite often. Beca... READ MORE

Dirty Room

This dirty bedroom was in the home of a man who could no longer care for or clean up after himself. His family called us in to clean the house after they moved ... READ MORE

Dirty Bathroom

This dirty bathroom was in the home of a man who could no longer care for or clean up after himself. His family called us in to clean the house after they moved... READ MORE

Mold in Basement

A slow leak in a hot water heater caused this home to develop mold within the floor joists. The hot water created a nice breeding ground for the mold as well as... READ MORE

6 ft of Water

This flooded basement was in a foreclosed home in Foley, Missouri. Electricity in the home was turned off in early spring, and after a couple of rainy months, 6... READ MORE

Looks Easy to Clean? Probably Not!

Smoke damage can cause items in rooms unaffected by fire to also see damage. When soot is wet it becomes a greasy film that can stain even non-porous surfaces. ... READ MORE

Water Damage Before Vacant Home's Open House:

This home was for sale and the owners had already purchased their next home out of state therefore the home was vacant. During a severe thunderstorm water from ... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning in Restaurant

Due to restaurants having a lot of employees constantly coming in and out of kitchens, carpets in dining rooms tend to get worn out quickly. In most fast food r... READ MORE


This home fire was caused by a dehumidifier in the basement. The smoke damage was the most difficult part however luckily enough for the homeowners, the fire it... READ MORE

Water Main Break

This carpet supplier had a water main break in their warehouse. The water main break was so strong it busted through the concrete floor creating a large hole ar... READ MORE

Troy, MO Restaurant Fire

This restaurant in Troy, MO had a fire. The fire started by a dryer that was still running after employees had left. Restaurant safety protocols require an ext... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Commercial Building

After a water leak that occurred above this commercial buildings laundry room, some mold began to grow on the dry wall. SERVPRO had to come in and tear out the ... READ MORE

Water Through Ceiling

During heavy rains and winds water could leak through your roof. Through the years roofs weaken causing water to seep through. This means wet drywall and ceilin... READ MORE

Mold In Rehabilitation Facility

This cleanup was at a Rehabilitation Facility. The upstairs unit had a bathroom leak which caused the downstairs unit to have mold issues. The entire area neede... READ MORE

Water Line Leak In Basement

This water leak happened in a basement where the vanity sink had started slowly leaking. When bathrooms are in basements it is easy for moisture to get trapped.... READ MORE

Storm Damage During Move

In these photos the homeowner had put the house up for sale but had already moved across the United States. Since the house was unoccupied the only time it was ... READ MORE

Heavy Rains Cause Basement Flooding

During the spring, heavy rains caused water to back up into this home. Unfortunately this home was unoccupied leaving a giant mess after the water had not been ... READ MORE

Bathroom Leak Causes Ceiling Damage

In our profession we see a lot of slow leaks cause damage and destruction to homes. They happen so slow that it causes damage to the internal structures before ... READ MORE

MO River Causes Major Flooding

During the Spring of 2017 strong rains caused the Missouri River to rise incredibly high. Not only did rivers rising water levels reek havok on residents, it al... READ MORE

Sewer Water in Duplex

A Duplex in Troy, MO had water damage in it after a sewer drain had backed up during rains. SERVPRO has different ways they categorize types of flooding. Catego... READ MORE

Unoccupied Home Gets Storm Damage

A good amount of the houses we work on have been unoccupied. This could be due to the homeowner in between moves, foreclosures, evictions or landlords in betwee... READ MORE

Sewer Back Up

A severe thunderstorm caused lightening to hit this homes sump pump. This unfortunately caused the pump to malfunction causing water to back up into the homes b... READ MORE

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma caused massive amounts of damage all throughout the state of Florida. Our franchise was able to travel down to Naples and offer our equipment and... READ MORE

Water Damage In Bathroom Due To Irma

Hurricane Irma caused massive amounts of damage all throughout the state of Florida. Our franchise was able to travel down to Naples and offer our equipment and... READ MORE

Sewer Back Up In Church

When a sewer backs up into a home or business it cannot be taken lightly. It is not as simple as just drying up the water. The water itself is filled with conta... READ MORE

Local Business Suffers Fire

This local chain restaurant had suffered its second fire in a matter of eight months. The first fire was caused by a dryer that was left running after hours. Th... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage

This home had a kitchen fire which caused the roof above to cave in and be completely open the outdoors. In cases like this there is a lot of tear out and a lot... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak

A slow leak in a water heater caused mold to grow in this home. Unfortunately the homeowner was not capable of getting into her basement regularly. We have seen... READ MORE

Smoke Damage In Office

In this home a small fire in a dehumidifier caused a lot of smoke that had made its way throughout this entire house. To ensure that no smoke smell was left beh... READ MORE

Mold In Utility Closet

In this home there was mold everywhere. Unfortunately there was no water source besides the moisture in the air. This home was vacant and the fluctuation of tem... READ MORE