Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Smoke Damage In Office

In this home a small fire in a dehumidifier caused a lot of smoke that had made its way throughout this entire house. To ensure that no smoke smell was left beh... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage

This home had a kitchen fire which caused the roof above to cave in and be completely open the outdoors. In cases like this there is a lot of tear out and a lot... READ MORE

Troy, MO Restaurant Fire

This restaurant in Troy, MO had a fire. The fire started by a dryer that was still running after employees had left. Restaurant safety protocols require an ext... READ MORE


This home fire was caused by a dehumidifier in the basement. The smoke damage was the most difficult part however luckily enough for the homeowners, the fire it... READ MORE

Looks Easy to Clean? Probably Not!

Smoke damage can cause items in rooms unaffected by fire to also see damage. When soot is wet it becomes a greasy film that can stain even non-porous surfaces. ... READ MORE

Smoke Damage To Leather Arm Chair

This arm chair was damaged in a fire. The chair was made of leather which is quite a porous material that is not ideal for getting harsh smells such as smoke ou... READ MORE