Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold on basement wall

This was a vacant house that developed some mold growth. The real estate agent had a buyer and needed the mold mitigated before the sale could go through. We re... READ MORE

Mold in apartment in Warren County

This apartment was under ground on 2 sides. The tenant was not running the air conditioning and the humidity became high within the unit. A Industrial Hygienist... READ MORE

Mold In Utility Closet

In this home there was mold everywhere. Unfortunately there was no water source besides the moisture in the air. This home was vacant and the fluctuation of tem... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak

A slow leak in a water heater caused mold to grow in this home. Unfortunately the homeowner was not capable of getting into her basement regularly. We have seen... READ MORE

Water Line Leak In Basement

This water leak happened in a basement where the vanity sink had started slowly leaking. When bathrooms are in basements it is easy for moisture to get trapped.... READ MORE

Mold In Rehabilitation Facility

This cleanup was at a Rehabilitation Facility. The upstairs unit had a bathroom leak which caused the downstairs unit to have mold issues. The entire area neede... READ MORE

Mold in Basement

A slow leak in a hot water heater caused this home to develop mold within the floor joists. The hot water created a nice breeding ground for the mold as well as... READ MORE

Dirty Room

This dirty bedroom was in the home of a man who could no longer care for or clean up after himself. His family called us in to clean the house after they moved ... READ MORE