Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Sewer Backup in Lincoln County

This home in Lincoln County was on a semi-private sewer system that failed and caused sewage to enter the basement. There were several finished rooms in the bas... READ MORE

Cat 3 water intrusion

This home in Gasconade County had 12+ inches of cat 3 water throughout the basement. This water had been standing in the basement for a few weeks before the cus... READ MORE

Water Damage In Bathroom Due To Irma

Hurricane Irma caused massive amounts of damage all throughout the state of Florida. Our franchise was able to travel down to Naples and offer our equipment and... READ MORE

Sewer Water in Duplex

A Duplex in Troy, MO had water damage in it after a sewer drain had backed up during rains. SERVPRO has different ways they categorize types of flooding. Catego... READ MORE

Bathroom Leak Causes Ceiling Damage

In our profession we see a lot of slow leaks cause damage and destruction to homes. They happen so slow that it causes damage to the internal structures before ... READ MORE

Water Damage Before Vacant Home's Open House:

This home was for sale and the owners had already purchased their next home out of state therefore the home was vacant. During a severe thunderstorm water from ... READ MORE

6 ft of Water

This flooded basement was in a foreclosed home in Foley, Missouri. Electricity in the home was turned off in early spring, and after a couple of rainy months, 6... READ MORE

Flooding in Hermann

Hermann is one of the best Missouri Vacation spots this state has to offer. Hermann was built right on the river which causes heaving flooding quite often. Beca... READ MORE