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Local Restaurant Suffers Large Loss

This restaurant suffered its second large loss fire in six months. Both were deemed accidental by the local fire marshal. The first time was caused by an electrical failure on their dryer and the second time was when a pile of rags with hazardous de-greasers were left in a bin together overnight. This photo is from the second fire. 

Commercial Fire in Local Restaurant in Troy, MO

A basket of rags containing hazardous cleaning chemicals reacted with each other and began to smolder overnight at a local Troy, MO restaurant. The smoldering continued and eventually turned into a very dangerous fire. We were called to help get them back in order. 

Nursing Homes

When commercial facilities such as nursing homes or doctors offices get water or sewage damage, it is important to make sure everything is clinically clean so patients and occupants can have peace of mind that their surroundings are clean and usable. 

No Water Loss Is Too Big For SERVPRO

During a large commercial loss it can be hard to find the man power to complete the job at hand in a timely matter. However with SERVPRO we can have any number of workers on site within a short period of time! 

Emergency Ready Profiles Help The Process!

A commercial loss can be hectic. However, with a SERVPRO ERP we have all of your emergency information and can begin remediation and cleanup immediately. Just like this business, you can be up and running after a loss "Like it never even happened"

Restaurants Can't Wait!

When your business suffers a fire or water loss, SERVPRO knows it cannot wait. Time is money when it comes to your business and prompt service means getting your business back up and running in a short amount of time.